Kanye Responds to Online video of Lil Uzi Vert Saying ‘Kanye Ain’t F*cking With Me’

In excess of the weekend, a clip from esteemed Everlasting Atake crafter Lil Uzi Vert began creating the standard rounds in which he briefly mentioned Kanye West.

The clip is ripped from Uzi’s Instagram and sees Uzi stating that West “ain’t fucking with me,” although the precise context is not clear.

“On some real shit, Kanye West ain’t fucking with me,” Uzi suggests in the clip. “It’s me. Like, me. Like, for true nevertheless. It is definitely me. Like, I ain’t gonna lie. Like, when I be generating them tracks and all those songs only go platinum the moment, I do that on objective.”

West, who’s presently fast paced with Trumpism-era maneuvers, has due to the fact responded. 1st, he shared the clip in dilemma with no comment. In a subsequent tweet, West as opposed Uzi’s comments to his personal about the late Apple icon Steve Work, which implies the top interpretation right here is that it truly is all most probably just a bit of helpful competitors-connected bantering.

“I adore Uzi,” West stated.

In any case, Eternal Atake—Uzi’s rightfully acclaimed alien cult-referencing sophomore studio album—arrived in early March. And when the subsequent months have observed the U.S. descend deep into a truth-complicating pandemic, the written content of that album (which promptly received the deluxe treatment a person week just after dropping) seems as pertinent as ever as we all careen toward the close of the yr.

In August, Uzi held a $15 digital display on Tidal in the course of which he set the Eternal Atake aesthetic entrance and heart.

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