Enjoy the New Movie for Pop Smoke’s “Diana” Remix f/ King Combs and Calboy

The remix to “Diana,” a track integrated on the deluxe edition of Pop Smoke‘s posthumously launched Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon album, now has a video.

On Wednesday, the online video for the song—featuring King Combs and Calboy—was launched via Victor Victor All over the world and Republic Documents. Catch it up top.

The deluxe edition of Shoot for the Stars… strike streaming companies on July 20 pursuing the No. 1 Billboard 200 chart debut of the standard edition of the album that was famously exec-created by 50 Cent. In an extensive Complicated go over tale that same thirty day period, Pop Smoke’s collaborators came collectively to remember the 20-year-previous Brooklyn artist who was fatally shot all through a house invasion in the Hollywood Hills.

As supervisor Steven Victor remembered, Pop—even at just 20 years outdated and even now, in 50’s phrases, “in the mixtape period”—had already fine-tuned his capacity to make “structured tunes” of a high caliber.

“Currently, artists can make tunes with one particular verse or, like, 3 hooks,” Victor explained. “But the way he built music was genuinely structured, like throwback artists. He’d have a hook, verse, hook, and a bridge. When he began, he was performing the drill shit, and that was super simple for him. Then he started discovering distinctive pockets to put melodies in. He was genuinely discovering his vocal tone when he was singing.”


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