50 Cent States He May possibly Depart America if Trump Loses the Election

Immediately after Joe Biden unveiled his new proposed tax plan if he wins the election this November, 50 Cent declared that he would be endorsing Donald Trump. “WHAT THE FUCK! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT,” 50 wrote on Instagram. “FUCK NEW YORK The KNICKS under no circumstances gain anyway. don’t treatment Trump does not like Black persons 62 p.c are you out of ya fucking brain.” Now he is indicated that if Trump loses, he’s likely to glance for a new area to reside.

Responding to MSNBC anchor Ari Melber, who posted a photograph of when he satisfied 50 , 50 wrote, “Reveal 62 percent to me. I’m packing my bags every person that has cash is gonna shift.” Trump, just like 50 Cent, has indicated that he would also depart the nation if he dropped the election. It truly is a shame that Trump just isn’t recognised for maintaining his guarantees, then.

There’s been considerable criticism directed at 50 ever due to the fact he disclosed that Biden’s tax on the wealthy meant he was more interested in voting for Trump. It even provoked a reaction from his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler, who replied to him on Twitter. “You utilised to be my beloved ex-boyfriend,” she wrote, to which 50 Cent shared a screenshot of the tweet on Instagram.

“Oh my god this is affecting my really like lifetime now,” he wrote. “I enjoy ya Gator, never permit Trump and Joe Biden appear involving us female.” 

Tump also shouted out 50 on Twitter. 

Below Biden’s proposed tax plan, inhabitants that stay in New York Town and California could fork out about 60 per cent in taxes. It can be crucial to note that these tax hikes only influence Us residents building above $400,000, whereas individuals who make much less would get tax cuts. 50 Cent, a multimillionaire New York indigenous, certainly is not also satisfied about the enhance in taxes.

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