Lil Pump Criticized for Endorsing Trump

It seems that Lil Pump has decided on his allegiances for the impending election, with the rapper cosigning Donald Trump in his Instagram Tale.

“All I gotta say is Trump 2020, bitch. Fuck I appear like paying an added 33 in taxes for Biden, bitch ass n***a. Fuck sleepy Joe, n***a. Trump 2020, bitch.”

He also posted what seems to be to be a photoshopped image of him shaking palms with Trump.

Pump is probable referencing the maximize in taxes he’ll have to spend if Biden is elected president. Biden’s tax plan pledges to elevate taxes on Individuals making about $400,000—and due to the fact of his income, Pump possible falls in that greater tax bracket. Nonetheless, it’s unclear what the rapper is referring to when he states “extra 33.” Earlier this thirty day period, 50 Cent also complained about Biden’s tax strategy when he disclosed he’ll be voting for Trump.

No one particular on Twitter was content with Pump’s endorsement of Trump.

Again in 2016, in advance of Pump released his breakout hit 2017 “Gucci Gang”—and most likely in advance of he was generating the variety of funds he makes now—the rapper tweeted, “FUCK DONALD TRUMP” the day soon after the election.

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