People Are Roasting Drake’s Alleged Birthday Celebration Menu Mainly because of a Really Peculiar Dish

Drake celebrated his 34th birthday Friday night time with a party in Los Angeles, for every Hollywood Lifestyle. Though it was a non-public affair, photos and videos from the event designed their way on the internet, like one of what appears to be like to be the foodstuff menu from the night. And boy do we have questions—specifically about the mac and cheese possibility. 

As you can see higher than, the mac seems to appear with raisins and capers, neither which are typical in the southern basic. In Drake’s defense, there may perhaps have been a miscalculation with the menu since sun-dried tomatoes, capers, raisins, and parsley are detailed for both the mac and cheese and the grilled cauliflower. On the other hand, if this was intentional, it does not consider somebody with a culinary history to know that, at the extremely least, raisins have no small business remaining everywhere close to a mac and cheese dish. And people today want answers. 

There is some speculation that if the raisins in the mac and cheese was intentional, the dish could be a free interpretation of noodle kugel, but that appears to be like a extend.

Drake declared Saturday that his extremely-expected future studio album, Qualified Lover Boy, will be dropping in January. With any luck , that serves as an adequate palate cleanser.

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