Saweetie Talks About the Time She Worked at a Strip Club

Saweetie is one of the decorated officers in cost of the takeover women of all ages rappers have executed on hip-hop. Element of her attractiveness is her duality—although her lyrics are sexually charged and targeted on paying out other people’s cash, she’s a proud university graduate. These two sides have been on show when she talked to the Shade Space about once functioning at a strip club. 

“I made use of to perform at the strip club myself,” Saweetie said following noting that you can find a misunderstanding when it arrives to strippers. “While I was a server at the strip club, I understood that strippers are normal individuals. … They are actual ladies who are coming to function.”

All as well often, ladies get labeled “stripper rappers,” and some enthusiasts position to vocally faculty-educated artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Saweetie as examples of how females must strive to act. This won’t sit effectively with Saweetie. Along with explaining all the nuances and beauties of strip clubs, she urged rap enthusiasts to enable females be by themselves. 

“I’ve observed that discussion and I do not like when people today uplift me whilst putting down a different lady,” Saweetie mentioned. “I want ladies to actually price themselves due to the fact you study a large amount performing in those environments.”

Saweetie also observed herself confront-to-confront with Eric Andre this week. As expected, there was no scarcity of weird antics—including hydraulic desks and a random 2-by-4. 

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