Ice Dice Responds to Being Mocked on ‘SNL’ for Operating With Trump

Pursuing all the criticism Ice Dice has obtained for participating with Donald Trump’s reelection marketing campaign, Saturday Night Stay has taken aim at the rapper.

In the cold open up for the most the latest episode of SNL, Jim Carrey’s take on Joe Biden advised a suitably spooky tale forward of the looming Election Day. He warned Democrats not to get as well complacent as several did with the 2016 election, and at one particular point he’s visited by Lil Wayne and Ice Dice. A short while ago Lil Wayne satisfied with Trump and endorsed his proposed “Platinum System,” when Cube reportedly motivated the approach following he had attained out to each Presidential campaigns.

Portrayed by Kenan Thompson, the SNL version of Ice Dice uncovered that he is voting for Trump for tax applications. Lil Wayne, portrayed by Chris Redd, adds, “Furthermore Trump’s obtained a new Platinum Program.” Thompson’s Dice continued, “That is proper, if you obtained a platinum record, you can program on him carrying out a image op with you.” 

Just after catching wind of the sketch, Ice Dice presented a uncomplicated reply to the moment. Responding with a series of laughing-crying emojis, Dice tweeted, “Fuck you SNL… trying to minimize me to greed.” Even though he appears to obtain it humorous, he also would seem to acquire difficulty with the thought that he is voting possibly way just due to taxes.

Dice has clarified a number of occasions now that he’s “not supporting Trump,” and that he has not achieved with the president. In point, he is even suggested that the nation is “coming apart” below Trump, and that his fascination lays in wanting to do the job with whoever is in electric power to help make improvements to the life of individuals in the Black group. Lil Wayne, nevertheless, would seem to be on board the MAGA train, however.

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