Watch Polo G’s NPR ‘Tiny Desk (Home) Concert’

NPR isn’t really letting the chaotic pandemic cease it from supplying lovers their take care of. For its most current installment of the Little Desk (Dwelling) Concert, NPR joined up with a person of the Windy City’s brightest young stars, Polo G

Chicago‘s deep affinity for basketball has seeped into its songs scene. Drill artists—like Rondo Numba 9—often take on the persona of their preferred players as a double entendre for their exploits. Whilst Polo G’s moniker comes from his favourite clothing manufacturer, he continued this development for his Little Desk (House) Concert because he is carrying the torch lit by his drill predecessors. 

Polo and his band donned various jerseys from the championship-profitable Los Angeles Lakers as they flooded an outdoor basketball court. This served as the stage for G to accomplish a medley of hits. First he crooned “Flex,” which continued the basketball topic with lyrics like “I be with some steppers, I don’t care ’bout what you gon’ do/Wet shit like the Warriors, all my n***as gon’ shoot.” 

He then transitioned to “Epidemic,” unveiled in the thick of the COVID-19 crisis, right before moving forward to his smash “Wishing for a Hero,” which samples 2Pac’s “Alterations.” 

Check out Polo G’s entire effectiveness on NPR’s Small Desk (Home) Live performance above. 

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