Yaya Mayweather + NBA Youngboy’s Baby Shower Is Just What You would Count on

Or possibly not. When Yaya Mayweather threw an all-blue baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a baby boy with her rapper boyfriend NBA Youngboy, the Net went in on the function for looking “cheap.”

Yaya Mayweather + NBA Youngboy Are Obtaining A Boy

For Yaya, 20, this is her very first youngster. NBA Youngboy, 21, by now has 5 little ones (or extra based on who you ask). Supplied that Yaya’s father is Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., her boyfriend is a substantial-profile entertainer, and Yaya is acknowledged to brag about Birkin luggage, a ton of people anticipated a lot more from the shower.

Kash Doll Catches Nephew Doing The Most In Her Bathtub

Was NBA Youngboy At The Baby Shower Or Nah?

Perceptive fans discovered that the Louisiana rapper wasn’t spotted in any videos or photographs from the baby shower. If he was there, he stayed absent from the cameras. But it was pointed out that monuments to the baby’s father were being all in excess of the spot.

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Yaya Mayweather Confirms Pregnancy Rumors

Yaya went to Instagram to share a baby bump pic and confirm the rumors that she is in simple fact expecting. Irrespective of their famously rocky partnership, it seems to be like Yaya and Youngboy are now going to be parenting with each other.

Kash Doll Catches Nephew Doing The Most In Her Bathtub

NBA Youngboy’s Mother Claps Again At Floyd Mayweather Jr.

When Yaya’s father, long run Hall of Fame boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., dealt with the pregnancy rumors previous week, he created some comments about NBA Youngboy’s immaturity. That did not sit properly with Youngboy’s mother, who strike again at the previous champion.

Action Bronson Shows Off Some Insane Wall Paintings

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