Tyler, the Creator Criticizes Instagram’s New Layout: ‘This Update Is Stupid’

Instagram when through a dramatic update recently. Normally, when this happens people get used to the new features or even praise the updated look. Yet with this new update, it’s clear that Instagram is putting money first and that’s not sitting well with consumers.

On Tuesday, Tyler, the Creator took to his Instagram Story to rip into the app for its new update.

“this update is stupid,” the rapper wrote. “why the fuck would you put that corny reels shit right there @instagram and the shop from insta? like brooo i get it get cho money baby but give us the option to retain a layout that’s just for pictures and friends sheesh”

The updated layout rearranged the Instagram home screen so that the focus is on Reels (the site’s take on TikTok) and the new shopping feature. This makes it hard for people to add new posts and to their stories. As a result, a lot of people are siding with Tyler and lashing out on Insta for changing the site’s dynamic. 

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