Royce da 5’9″ Responds to Fredro Starr’s ‘Nerd’ Remarks

Royce da 5’9″ wasn’t too happy with Fredro Starr‘s latest “nerd” remarks.

The mild drama began all through an episode of the Rappers Ballers Podcast with special guest Van Lathan. At just one stage during the conversation, hosts Fredro and Jonny Vulgar commenced talking about what they viewed as to be “nerd” rap. Fredro commenced naming artists who he believes suit in that category—and Royce was a single of the names.

“That is my man. Look, I was on tour with Royce Da 5’9,” Fredro said. “Which is my n***a. We was on the Nelly tour collectively … But I was tryna say that he would be in the nerd section of rap. That never necessarily mean you not a road n***a, even though.”

Fredro then went on to reveal the form of artist who he considers to be nerd rappers.

“N***as that study textbooks, n****as that you know, the nerdy n***as,” he stated, just before frivolously mocking the title of Royce’s past album. “What’s the identify of this n***a’s very last album? Royce Da 5’9? … It was like some sick term.”

“The Allegory,” Lathan responded.

“I have hardly ever read of that phrase right until I read him say it,” Fredro said.

Royce caught wind of the discussion and shared clips of it on his Instagram account, prior to issuing a stern warning to Fredro.

Royce filmed a video saying he admired Fredro’s legacy and contributions to the tradition. He also explained he had no issues staying identified as a “nerd rapper” or “backpacker,” but would not tolerate any game titles. Royce’s reaction suggested his problem was not with Fredro’s labels, but extra so with his mocking tone.

“If you abide by me then you know, you in no way viewed me play with n***as and you never ever observed n***as perform with me. I really do not allow n***as perform with me,” Royce reported. “… What I never like to do is I really don’t like to engage in game titles, you can find far too much likely on in the earth appropriate now. Like it’s a incredibly significant time.”

He ongoing expressing it was an honor to tour with Fredro back again in the day, but produced it obvious he is not his pal.

“I enjoy you calling me your person, but I would be remised to not be entirely clear with you suitable now, legend, and permit you know I am not your gentleman,” he stated. “I have no drive in any respect to create any type of marriage with you moving ahead, just so we distinct. So you will find no motive for you to ever fucking play with me all over again … Save that participating in shit for a n***a that you actively playing with which is playing with you again. And I won’t arrive fuck around you.”

“And I’m not gonna say it once again, Fredro Starr. You retain becoming a legend, and I’ma retain undertaking what the fuck I do. Up coming time you point out me, you mention me and you give me the compliments or whatsoever you wanna give me, and you go away all that excess shit out of it, because it is something that occur with that. Bless that.”

You can pay attention to Royce’s complete statement under.

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