Lil Pump’s Finding His Possess Signature Cryptocurrency

Move around, Bitcoin. Miami rapper Lil Pump is going to make it rain digitally in the club by launching his individual cryptocurrency known as PumpCoin.

PumpCoin Lets You Acquire Time With Lil Pump

Lil Pump’s new undertaking is a partnership with Fyooz, a organization that beforehand labored with hip-hop star Lil Yachty to create YachtyCoins. With PumpCoin, you can interact directly with the platinum-offering, Trump-supporting MC.

Rapper Lil Pump, probably very best recognised for tracks like “Gucci Gang,” and for shilling for Donald Trump before this yr, is launching a cryptocurrency called PumpCoin. It’s a collaboration with Fyooz, a organization that basically securitizes celeb position, peddling cash themed after well-liked creators and influencers.

In accordance to a press launch, PumpCoin “will permit you match specifically with the rapper himself,” as properly as interact with Lil Pump in other, unspecified approaches. No word still on how just that’s heading to get the job done. The business stated the coin would be declared afterwards today, and explained it as remaining “like Cameo but even cooler.” (Cameo is a assistance that lets you pay out celebs to deliver you individualized movies.) (Decrypt)

3 6 Mafia’s Juicy J Hops On Bitcoin Wave

Memphis rap legend Juicy J not long ago went on-line to request followers if it was worthy of investing in digital currency, enquiring to see if getting Bitcoin was a acceptable endeavor.

“I never invested into Bitcoin is it well worth it ?”

Juicy J hops on Bitcoin wave.
Lil Wayne Khia

Lil Pump Supported Donald Trump’s Re-Election Bid

Determined to just take the crown as hip-hop’s most important Donald Trump supporter, Pump claimed in advance of the election that he’d go away the United States if Trump wasn’t re-elected President.

#lilpump says if #donaldtrump doesn’t win this election he’s transferring to Columbia. (Instagram)

Lil Pump Explodes Following Racist Plane Ordeal

LP went to his social media to keep issues 100. Pump said he turned into a victim right after acquiring focused although on his telephone from a gentleman sitting at the rear of him.

“It is 20-20-20, racism has received to cease. Y’all are having this sh*t way too far. Just because I got experience tats and all this sh*t really do not suggest none of that. And oh yeah, right after I informed the n*gga that, he was so spooked he chatting about, ‘Pilot, pilot!’ Boy, what the f*ck is a pilot going to do? He’s driving an plane.” -Lil Pump’s Instagram

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