Tory Lanez Donates $2,500 To Twitter Hater

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez is being the bigger person. He showed up his haters with a major money move, which came as a shock to many given the circumstances.

Tory Lanez Helps Out Hater

Despite a person hating on him on Twitter, Tory donated the $2,500 of the $3,500 they needed for their GoFundMe. He kept his words simple and blessed them up with their financial needs.

“Most of the Tory fans i argued with today brought up my gofundme talkin bout im broke and my dad hates me. But the second i said “if its a problem I have a gofundme, donate and i will no longer have it.”, it got quite as f*ck. You see the problem???” -8inchdemeanor

“The problem is they don’t know you just like you don’t know me. But Today , f*ck it … ima help you out, send me your cash app and I’ll send u the money u need to get rid of that “Go Fund Me” … lol u lucky I gotta big heart ❤️” -Tory Lanez’s Twitter

Tory Lanez Recruits Chromazz For Boink Boink Video

The rap crooner is playing chess. The hip-hop star added a little salt in former friend Megan Thee Stallion‘s wound by recruiting her rap rival Chromazz for the newly released “Boink Boink” music video.

Tory Lanez does the most by doing the unthinkable. Lanez recruits fellow Toronto native Chromazz – who famously went at Megan Thee Stallion with her “Marcus Thee Stallion” diss song – to play the role of eye candy in his “Boink Boink” music video. Another Toronto viral star “Chair-Girl” appears in the clip alongside Lanez and Chromazz. Some folks on social media believe Tory took another dig at Megan by slowing down the beat to her “Don’t Stop” anthem and turning it into “Boink Boink.”

Tory Lanez recruits Chromazz.

A few weeks ago, Chromazz went all the way in on Megan Thee Stallion. She flexed her Toronto roots with a “Marcus Thee Stallion” diss record. Chromazz even defends Tory on the anthem.


Tory Lanez Denies Shooting Megan

Recently, TL went to his social media pages to keep things a buck. Instead of ignoring a user’s question about why he won’t address allegedly shooting Stallion, Lanez responded by explaining how his entire DAYSTAR album is about him proclaiming his innocence.

“I realize that not every body heard me say ” no I did not ” on my album … becuz they mistaked a black man expressing his innocence for insensitivity… as if we ain’t all fighting the same fight , as if exiling a successful man is the answer to a problem bigger than him … you’ll get more than u need to know when court resumes .” -Tory Lanez’s Instagram

Lanez also went to his Twitter page to add some cryptic messages to his timeline.

“Men lie . Women lie . Humans just lie . 🤷🏽‍♂️ … Truth sets you free , or sets itself free … that’s the beauty of life and the lesson in one”

Meg Thee Stallion Exposes Tory

Stallion’s new “Shots Fired” song goes with the “Who Shot Ya” instrumental sound late rap icon Notorious B.I.G. gained notoriety for and features Meg dropping hard-hitting lines. The H-Town native specifically gives more details behind what really happened between her and Lanez on the night a shot went out in July 2020.

Released Thursday night, the song is indeed a diss track obviously aimed at Lanez — although his name isn’t mentioned and she even taunts him with that fact. Not much major new information is revealed, with the exception of her apparently saying that the gun Lanez fired at her was loaded with pellets — which addresses Lanez’s lyric where he questions how Megan could have been shot without any injury to her bones or tendons. However, it’s mostly a traditional diss track and a strong one, with at least two references to Lanez’s 5’3″ height (Megan is 5’10”), which was revealed in the aftermath of the July incident. (Variety)

Stallion does everything with her verse to make sure listeners know she’s aiming at Tory. From referencing injuries she suffered from the rumored gunshot to crediting herself for Lanez not getting indicted days after the attack.

Imagine n—as lyin’ about shootin’ a real b*tch
Just to save face for rapper n—as you chill with
Imagine me givin’ a f*ck it was your f*ckin’ birthday
You in your feelings, I just thought it was another Thursday
Now imagine me cockblocking them n—as, on some dry sh*t
I don’t want you on a b*tch, believe you wouldn’t been invited
And if it weren’t for me, same week, you would have been indicted (Lock yo’ a** up)… 

You shot a 5’10” b*tch with a .22
Talkin’ ’bout bones and tendons like them bullets weren’t pellets
A p*ssy n—a with a p*ssy gun in his feelings
Okay, he in the backseat and he keep callin’ me a b*tch
We all know this sh*t, I coulda came back with (Lil’ a** n—a)…

“Who a snitch? I ain’t never went to the police with no names
I thought a b*tch that got her chance…

“They want me to be the bad guy? Lemme put my mask on
I was chose, I ain’t asked to be this motherf*ckin’ cold…

“I’m a steak, you a side plate, shrimp, stay in your place
Real b*tch, yeah, yeah, I ain’t sellin’ fairytales…

“Kick me while I’m down bad, I remember all that
Next n—a sent a shot, I’ma sent it right back.”

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