How 21 Savage, Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, and More Explained Goodbye to 2020

We did it. With the commence of a new calendar year, virtually all of the woes of the earlier 12 months have magically disappeared and we can all reside with the peace of being aware of that practically nothing lousy will ever occur once more.

Just kidding. Even though the initially working day of a new calendar year doesn’t inherently mean anything has transformed aside from some calendar quantities, the brutal horribleness of 2020 experienced us all clinging to any small hope we could invent about 2021 while offering the proverbial finger to the past calendar year.

Many thanks to the pandemic, which certainly isn’t really heading any where whenever shortly, the typical NYE festivities mostly consisted of crowdless livestreams for the year’s largest artists and acquiring sloshed at home for the basic public.

Nonetheless, that aforementioned effort at cobbling together some semblance of hope is a contagious exercising in resilience. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up an assortment of 2021-welcoming messages from 21 Savage, Taylor Swift, and a lot more under.

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