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Atlanta rapper Quavo is making sure his potential future wife knows Valentine’s Day is around the corner. The hip-hop star’s girlfriend Saweetie has lit up social media with a sneak peek at his lovey dovey ways.

Quavo’s Valentine’s Day Love Note

Saw went to her Instagram page with a super gushy message from Quavo. In addition to starting up the countdown to V-Day, Huncho also sent over a ton of roses.

“12 days to V-day!! Love, Quavo”

Quavo’s Valentine’s Day love note.

Quavo Shocks Saweetie W/ Christmas Bentley

Back in December 2020, Saweetie freaked out over a massive Christmas gift from Quavo. The rap superstar received a decked-out Bently from her boo.

#Quavo spent them racks and got #Saweetie an Icy Bentley for Christmas 👏🏾

Quavo shocks Saweetie w/ X-Mas gift.

Saweetie + Quavo’s X-Men Attire

In October 2020, Saweetie and Quavo went to their Instagram pages to deliver up-close looks at their love for X-Men. Saw went with Mystique as her Halloween costume and Quavo added a furry twist to his attire dressed up as X-Men’s Beast.

“Happy Halloween 2020” -Quavo’s Instagram

“CRIPTIQUE 💙 @spazzz.vision#mystique” -Saweetie’s Instagram

The Billion Dollar Sex Tape

In September 2020, Saweetie hit up Instagram to deliver the ultimate tease. She joked about becoming a billionaire if she decided to put out her x-rated footage. The jaw-dropping reveal even sparked a reaction in the comments section from her boyfriend Quavo.

“I’d be a billionaire if I sold my sex tape 💋” -Saweetie’s Instagram

“Fine A$$ ❤️” -Quavo

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