Cardi B’s Silhouette Challenge Just Stunned The Internet –

New York rapper Cardi B isn’t just satisfied with being the queen of her city. Instead, the rap heavyweight has come through with her eye-opening new Silhouette Challenge contribution.

Cardi B’s Silhouette Challenge

B joins a slew of high-profile women joining the global challenge. She admits the TikTok challenge is more difficult than people realize but still raises eyebrows on Instagram.

“So I did the silhouette challenge 😩😩….It’s so hard to do tiktoks”

Cardi B’s Silhouette Challenge has her now winning.

Iggy Azalea Joins The Silhouette Challenge

The #SilhouetteChallenge has taken over social media, with everyone giving red light special vibes to the tune of Doja Cat‘s “Streets.” Australian rapper Iggy Azalea’s version went viral, not really a surprise for the platinum-selling artist and model.

Iggy Azalea Bodies The Silhouette Challenge


Doja Cat Rises On Billboard Thanks To Challenge

In light of the #SilhouetteChallenge, Doja Cat’s “Streets” has risen drastically on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The Los Angeles singer’s song broke onto the chart back in January, hit #39 last week and is now occupying the #25 spot. She might even do the challenge herself. The hashtag #Silhouette has received 526 million cumulative views on TikTok, while #SilhouetteChallenge itself currently sits at about 217 million views.

“should i do the silhouette challenge?”

Doja Cat Leaves TikTok

The West Coast rap star is switching it up. The award-winning rap star recently announced she would be taking a break from TikTok. She spoke with followers about the rude comments she receives on her posts and how they made her feel.

“i’m not comfortable making tik toks anymore i feel like something is wrong w me. y’all got me. :/ … they’re not even being hateful they’re just unintentionally gaslighting and i’m deada** not fit to just take the joke cuz i’ve actually struggled w sh*t before and i have a lot of fear in me so it just add up in the end when i read that kind of sh*t”

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