Fame Holiday Drops New Song & Music Video “Take Me Away”

Mississauga-based rapper Fame Holiday gets real with his new single “Take me Away,” out today with an accompanying music video. The single is the rapper’s latest release since “Finessing,” which he dropped last October.

On the new track, Holiday touches on the Black Lives Matter movement and uniting together as a community to speak out about social injustice. The rapper says it’s his most personal track that he’s released so far, noting that he’s usually private when it comes to expressing emotions. 

“A lot of people don’t know this but one of the main reasons I started making music was to be able to express myself without talking to a bunch of people about the way I feel about things,” he said.

The single, which was recorded last summer, was originally created with no intention of being released. Holiday says that the song was produced for himself to express his emotions about the Black Lives Matter movement, which intensified last year.

“Seeing so many stories about Black people dying from police brutality, such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and racism still being such a strong issue made me genuinely frustrated and sick of the world that we live in today because I know that we can all do better,” he said.

Trey Timeless shot and directed the visuals for the music video. Holiday showcases unity and expresses the sentiment “together we are stronger” as visuals flash of people from different race coming together to support social justice. The Mississauga artist said that although political endeavors was not what he was known for, he was reminded from his song that he could use his platform to spread positive messages to society. 

Check out Fame Holiday’s latest single “Take Me Away” from the music video above. 

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