Ghetts Unleashes Pa Salieu And Backroad Gee Collab “No Mercy”

The road to one of the most anticipated albums of the year continues.

Last night, East London legend Ghetts lifted the lid on the latest extract from the upcoming Conflict Of Interest: “No Mercy” with Pa Salieu and Backroad Gee.

Produced by TenBillion Dreams, it’s a dramatic team-up that sets a seasoned veteran against two upstarts who are taking the lessons learned by the grime scene and applying them to a new wave of rap. In many ways, Pa Salieu and Backroad Gee are the natural successors to Ghetts; after all, it’s easy to argue his idiosyncratic mixture of rave energy and cerebral lyricism laid much of the groundwork for their genre-blurring sounds.

The video, directed by Femi Ladi with animation from previous Ghetts collaborator Ruff Mercy (see: “Mozambique” with Jaykae and Moonchild Sanelly), puts the trio under gloomy lighting and accents their energetic rhyme-slinging with quick flashes of colour. The most pivotal scene, however, comes when Ghetts sits Pa Salieu and BRG down to pass on some wisdom, arming them with some words of advice and pushing them to continue the work he started.

Hit play at the top and make sure you’re ready for the album when it drops February 19.

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