Cardi B Becomes Harley Quinn In New Fan-Created Artwork –

New York rapper Cardi B might want to venture into the superhero and supervillain world. The hip-hop star has become the motivation behind a must-see fan-created Harley Quinn drawing.

Cardi B Becomes Harley Quinn

A new pic is going viral showing Cardi looking like none other than The Joker’s iconic girlfriend. The artist even teases fans about who should have the honor of being B’s own Joker.

“Cardi B x Harley Quinn = Cardi Quinn @iamcardib I think this is a dope mash up! Y’all let me know what you think. Also, If if Cardi is Harley, who’s Joker? 👀👀👀 Also, let’s see if Cardi B will see this. . . . . . #artistsoninstagram #igers #artist #art #blackart #blackartist #jups #jupstheartist #cardi #cardib #up #DC #comic #illustration #characterdesign #mashup #dopeart #waifu #harleyquinn #joker #dcuniverse #ny”

Cardi B becomes Harley Quinn.

Cardi B Tongue Kisses Woman

Heading into the weekend, Cardi went viral herself for dropping a must-see and must-hear new “Up” single. The visual features a ton of dancing and even tongue-kissing despite the current coronavirus pandemic.

New York rapper Cardi B has kept her word on delivering hew new “Up” single to the masses. The must-see visual clocks in at nearly three minutes and features B doing anything and everything you can imagine on-camera. From bidding farewell to 2020 with a gravestone to teasing some girl-on-girl action, B doesn’t hold back on her latest single since last summer’s “WAP” classic. (SOHH)

Cardi B tongue kisses woman.

Cardi B Reveals Jaw-Dropping ‘Up’ Artwork

Cardi B knows how to blow minds away. Earlier in the week, she shared a new look at her “Up” single courtesy of an alternate artwork shot, where you can see her husband Offset‘s name tattooed on her leg.

“UP & ITS STUCK CD #2 preorder is live now on my website.”

Marriage Goals

In January 2021, the “WAP” superstar hit up Instagram with a must-like shot alongside her king and husband Offset. She took things a step further with a salute to animé heads by referencing animé cartoon “Dragon Ball Z” characters Majin Buu and Goku.

“Majin Buu & Goku”

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