People Are Loving Drake in State Farm’s Super Bowl LV Ad

State Farm’s currently winning the big game for brands. During Super Bowl LV, they shocked viewers with a cameo from Drake in a funny commercial about body doubles.

The rapper, who is currently finishing up his Certified Lover Boy album, found time to star in the spot, where he works as a stand-in for the rebooted character of Jake from State Farm. Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Jake all gripe about their stand-ins while on the set of a State Farm commercial. Aaron Rodgers’ stand-in is played by a fan from earlier spots who looks nothing like him. Mahomes stand-in is Paul Rudd in a similar sweater. When Jake’s turn comes around, the camera pans to the craft table to find Drake snacking to keep his swole up.

The Degrassi star has gotten a little rusty in his time away and keeps trampling over Jake’s lines. Eventually they work it out and the commercial wraps. The unexpected Drake appearance surprised fans, with plenty of people taking the opportunity to comment on the unexpected cameo by poking some fun. 

Still others wondered why Drake was out making commercials instead of being in the studio. 

Check out some more reactions to the ad below.

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