Bow Wow Says He’s Quitting Rap After Next Album to Focus on Acting and WWE

After he finishes his next album, Bow Wow says he’s done with rap.

Don’t act so shocked he’s said this before (oh wait, you’re not shocked, never mind). As for what the next venture will be for the still-only 33-year-old, well, if what he tweeted out on Monday is to be believed then he’ll be going full bore into acting (pretty conventional) and wrestling (um, a little more out of left field).

Specifically, he said his intent was to fulfill a childhood dream by making it into the WWE. If you think that sounds crazy know that he already prefaced his statement with the same sentiment:

He even had a tag-team partner in mind:

If you scroll down his Twitter page at this literal moment (already passed) you can see that about his past 40-50 tweets/re-tweets/quote tweets were all on the subject of wrestling. No guarantees that’ll still be true when you read this but, for now, here’s some highlights:

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