FBG Duck’s Cousin and Collaborator BCR Meezle Dead From Shooting at Age 27

Chicago rapper FBG Duck was shot and killed last year, and now it’s been reported that his affiliate BCR Meezle was killed in a shooting on Saturday.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Meezle, who is said to be Duck’s cousin, was at a party at the Indian Lakes Hotel in Bloomingdale, Illinois when the shooting went down. He was taken to the St. Alexius Medical Center Emergency Room when he was shot, and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving. Meezle, real name James McGill, was 27. 

“There was some type of incident that transpired from either one person from one group and one person to another but it appears that there were a couple of different groups attending different events at the hotel,” said Bloomingdale’s Public Safety Director Frank Giammarese. “I don’t know if it’s a party, I don’t have all those details, but it was a couple of groups of people and something transpired and that’s when the shooting took place, mostly in the hallways at the hotel.”

Giammarese added that at least five other people were injured during the shooting, and right now it is unclear if the gunman and the victims know each other. While no arrests have been made so far, authorities have confirmed that an investigation is ongoing. Supposedly around 100 or so people were at the hotel in seperate gatherings across the fifth and sixth floors, and officials indicated such an incident wouldn’t have happened if there were mroe security present.


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