Safaree Says There’s Too Much Nudity On The ‘Net –

New York rap veteran Safaree Samuels is dishing out his opinion no matter how hypocritical it might actually be. The “Love & Hip Hop” star went online to let his thoughts loose on female nudity on the Internet, but he’s catching some backlash for it.

Safaree Calls Out New Generation Of Women

Despite having his own OnlyFans page, Safaree took to Twitter with a message. He tweeted out that nowadays girls aren’t afraid to show off their bodies, adding that he’ll make sure his daughter is different and doesn’t do that. SS immediately received a plethora of roasts and unhappy responses shot back at him.

“New millennium is crazy now. Back in the day you had to close your eyes and imagine what a girl you liked look like naked. Now almost every girl is naked just cuz. I gotta make sure my daughter is different! She needs me”

Safaree + Erica Mena Discuss Kids

Safaree was previously drawing another type of controversy. After a recent conversation with his wife and vixen Erica Mena, social media went after him over his comments. Although this discussion has been visited on “Love & Hip Hop” before, the couple talked about whether or not they wanted more kids. While Mena was game for it, Safaree had something else to say. He asked that somebody else carry the child, which Mena prefaced by revealing Safaree didn’t like her pregnancy weight gain.

“But tell them why you don’t want another one. Cause I got ‘too big’ during my pregnancy… You say it all the time. You mentioned my stomach afterwards. You said, ‘You got too big, I got too big. I don’t want to be fat, again.’ That’s what you said.”

After seeing the clip, social media erupted on Safaree. Twitter users have called him out over his comments and many users simply revealed their shock over the matter.

Safaree Gives Insight On Daddy Life

Safaree knows how to let his emotions run wild. He recently went online to celebrate his daughter turning 10 months old but also to let the world in on his feelings as a daddy. Safaree took to Instagram to let it be known what it’s like to have kids. He says he doesn’t understand how some can have a child and not want to spend all their time together, in true father fashion.

“Some1 turned 10 months today @safiremajesty Now that I have a child, I really can’t understand men who have children and don’t want to see them every day. How do they go years without seeing em. I hate being away from her and love seeing her face so much. How do men do that? But salute to the men and women who are a part of their child’s lives 🙏🏾 Just thinking out loud. Love” – Safaree’s Instagram

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