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Chicago rapper Dreezy isn’t here for the rumors that she and R&B singer Jacquees might be getting back together. When a video surfaced on social media of the pair looking very much boo’d up, Dreezy hinted that she’s still single — or perhaps the reunion was short-lived and it’s already over.

Dreezy + Jacquees Reunion Isn’t Happening

The video that started the reunion rumors showed Dreezy dancing on Jacquees and looking pretty happy. Big Dreez responded to the clip and left it clear that she and the platinum-selling crooner remain broken up.

“Aww this was cute while it lasted, back to the block list.”

Dreezy Throws Shade At DaniLeigh?

Dreez might be throwing a little shade. The hip-hop artist went online to show off her stunning look and perhaps send a message to controversial R&B singer DaniLeigh. She switched up the lyrics to DL’s unreleased “Yellow Bone” and remarked “Melanin that’s what he want” with a lips emoji.

“Caption and ain’t nothing wrong with thattttt @dreezy”

Cardi B Up Music Chill 2

DaniLeigh Apologizes For “Yellow Bone”

The music crooner is apparently genuinely sorry. After drawing a whole lot of controversy with a track she recently previewed, she’s come out and apologized in a lengthy video. DaniLeigh took to Instagram with her apologetic words. She let her thoughts be known about the “Yellow Bone” track that went viral and that she meant no harm to anybody. Dani originally apologized on Twitter, including in a now-deleted tweet that she can’t be canceled.

“Congratulations y’all gotta another thing to say about me when u hate … 👍🏽 it’s all good .. only God can “cancel”me… that sh*t don’t mean sh*t to me bc the people around me are the ones that know my heart and intention and real life … I’m sorry if I offended u .” – DaniLeigh

Future’s Ex Calls Out DL Over ‘Yellow Bone’

DL has been under scrutiny ever since her new song “Yellow Bone” stirred up controversy on social media about colorism. Model Eliza Reign, an ex-girlfriend of rapper Future, was among those involved in the debate.

“Certain things are expected from these male rappers but I’m shocked a woman still doing this in 2021. Honestly. Anybody that’s been in America more than 2 hours should know that’s a touchy subject, but then again we shouldn’t expect a person who isn’t even black (redbone or chocolate) to understand how it’s offensive. Redbones are lighter toned black women by the way not Hispanic but go off mami”

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