Lil Baby + Jayda Cheaves Might Have Broken Up –

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby might be single again. The rap star’s girlfriend Jayda Cheaves went online to subtly hint at a break up between the two and dish out some details on her love life.

Jayda Cheaves Hints At Lil Baby Breakup

Cheaves took to Instagram with a video and her Story with a message too. She says she’s used to being in relationships and will have to learn how to be single again, also admitting to going through the same personal issues regular people deal with in life.

I swear I’m not one of the girls that come to the internet with every problem they have but I just be needing y’all to know sometimes… beyond all the glitz and the glam, this sh*t real life. I go through the same sht y’all go through, even worse sh*t y’all go through. Like we all human at the end of the day. And we all got f*ckin’ problems.”

“I’ve been in relationships my whole life since high school I don’t even know how to be single. I need to learn myself all over again.”

Jayda Cheaves’ Done Feuding

In December 2020, JC went to her Twitter page to keep things 100 on her state of mind. Cheaves shared some major self refection and even acknowledged putting her energy into bad things.

“I never in my life had an argument with a b*tch who got sum going on fr. It’s always the b*tches who be cap getting money, cap bossed up who be having the most sh*t to say. Like girl sit down and let me mentor you while you over here tryna talk sh*t. Tired of beefing with bums. Heavy on the ‘NO’ from this point moving forward. Besides all the bullsh*t I’m doing D*MN GOOD for myself at this age.” -Jayda Cheaves’ Twitter

Jayda Cheaves’ done feuding.

Jayda Cheaves Acknowledges She’s Public Enemy No. 1

A few days prior, JC went to her Twitter page and shared some big reflections. Instead of letting loose any frustrations, she quoted a tweet acknowledging how people are intentionally trying to get under her skin.

“Jayda: goodmorning Someone on Twitter: I f*cked yo man 😭😭,” Jayda quoted from a follower and responded with “This the tweet.” -Jayda Cheaves’ Twitter

Teanna Trump Drags JC

The tweet revelation came following a publicized spat with adult film star Teanna Trump. Jayda shared a social media post and immediately sparked a clap back from Teanna, who dragged her relationship with Lil Baby.

“Send me a nude. ME: …..,” Jayda tweeted. “And that’s why you got cheated on..,” Teanna Trump responded.

“Sis if you wanted me to shoutout your only fan you could’ve just said that. You didn’t have to throw shade?!? But you s**k d**k for a living?” -Jayda

“Yea I do, your man loves my mouth” -Teanna Trump

“Yeah sis tryna promote that OF. Lmfao next callerrrrrr.” -Jayda

“He better check his b*tch. Lol Don’t make me post screenshots.” -Teanna Trump

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