Ludacris Will Show Off Culinary Skills in New Special ‘Luda Can’t Cook’

Ludacris continues to expand his reach with a new one-hour special that’s set to hit Discovery+.

During a conversation with the Associated Press, the rapper-turned-actor revealed that he will be putting his cooking skill (or lack thereof) to the test in a new show called Luda Can’t Cook. For the special, Luda is taught international flavors and cooking techniques from chef Meherwan Irani.

Ludacris explains that he’s been interested in food his entire life, but neither he nor his mother is great in the kitchen. Yet his Gabonese wife, Eudoxie, is an excellent cook, which made him want to sharpen up his skills. 

“It was an eye-opener and so many lightbulb moments for me,” Luda said about the experience to AP before explaining the show’s title is no exaggeration.

“The whole Luda can’t cook is only 99% true,” he continued. “There’s 1 percent; I can cook tacos.”

The ironic thing about Luda’s lack of culinary intelligence is that the rapper made a highly successful album called Chicken-n-Beer. Not only did this album go double platinum with hit singles like “Stand Up,” but Ludacris also turned the project into a Southern-style comfort food restaurant inside of the Atlanta airport bearing the same name as the album.

The show is executive produced by Will Packer alongside Luda and is set to premiere on Feb. 25. 

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