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From ASAP Rocky’s box braids to Drake’s buzz cut fade, hip-hop hairstyles have been at the forefront of men’s style for years. Whether you want to get cornrows, dreads, braids, a fade haircut with short hair, or a trendy longer style, there are plenty of haircuts to draw inspiration from. With Valentine’s Day now in the rearview mirror, check out some fresh cuts and styles to consider donning with spring/summer goals quietly approaching.

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky released his debut mixtape in 2011 and was a success out of the gate. His studio album, released two years later, hit number one on the Billboard 200. Throughout his career as a rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and producer, the artist has won several awards, including BET Hip Hop Awards, Grammy Awards, and MTV Music Awards.

His style is diverse and iconic, with a wide collection of unique outerwear, from leather jackets to Burberry winter coats, fitted and stylish suits, and bold colors that always make a statement. He’s also known for his box braids, a type of square braided style that has become popular in recent years. The rapper sometimes lets his braids flow, but generally keeps them tied up in a ponytail in the back for a low-maintenance look.


Drake got his start on the television program Degrassi and has since become extremely successful in the music industry, winning Grammy Awards, MTV Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards.

Drake’s iconic look includes a buzz cut and beard, but he’s worn his hair at a variety of different lengths and styles, including fades, afros, and kinky curls. Long or short, his beard is kept groomed and there’s little wonder why so many fans of facial hair try to copy his style.

Fetty Wap

Singer, rapper, and songwriter Fetty Wap has released two top singles in the United States and won MTV Video Music Awards, iHeartRadio Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards, in addition to being nominated for Grammys and others.

Fetty Wap has an iconic look with locs or dreads, but has sported short kinky curls with tapered sides. According to, dreads have become even more popular in recent years as guys gravitate towards low-maintenance and easy styles. He has openly defended the use of faux dreadlocks and spoken publicly about doing what makes you happy.

Post Malone

Post Malone has found success in singing, songwriting, rapping, and record production. He’s known for blending different genres of music and has won several awards, including an MTV Video Music Award and three American Music Awards.

One of the looks most associated with Post Malone is the messy man bun, a style easy enough to recreate at home, with a system-bucking attitude, but he’s also rocked braids, bangs, and lots of facial hair.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has been a powerhouse in the music industry for several decades, creating art as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor, and standing out in other unique facets of the entertainment industry, including as a producer and television personality. He has sold over 23 million albums in the United States alone and has been nominated for nearly 100 awards, over 25 of which he’s won.

Snoop Dogg evokes 1990s hip hop styles with his iconic cornrows, which he has publicly discussed as being part of his image, along with tips for maintenance and care. He has embraced many looks over his career, including the Jheri curl, an afro, twists, dreadlocks, pigtails, relaxed hair, and ponytail.

The Weeknd 

The Weeknd initially leveraged social media to share his music, but soon found mainstream success, winning Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and Billboard Music Awards, among others.

He’s known for his bold and unique hairstyles, ranging from iconic dreadlocks in elaborate updos to more classic looks that evoke music past. No matter what style he sports, the Weeknd continues to be a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to try something new.

Kendrick Lamar 

Kendrick Lamar has been called one of the most influential artists of his age and has found commercial and creative success as a rapper, songwriter, and producer. In addition to 13 Grammy Awards and 11 MTV Video Music Awards, he has won a Pulitzer Prize and been nominated for an Oscar.

While Kendrick Lamar is well-known for his hair twists, the rapper has worn his hair in cornrows, dreadlocks, and short afros. Based on this guide from MensHairstylesNow, the rapper’s twist hairstyle continues to be on-trend and worth copying.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott is known for successfully blending unique genres of music including hip hop and lo-fi to create a style all his own. He’s sold over 45 million albums in the United States, alone and been nominated for eight Grammy Awards.

Travis Scott traditionally wears his hair in braids, a look which his fans love and are known to copy.


Eminem has long been creating conversations and moving albums in the rap and hip hop world, and he’s credited for sparking conversations about race and popularizing modern hip hop to largely rural and suburban parts of the United States.

His look has always included a short buzz cut style with a fade, most iconically in platinum blonde, but he’s gone back to more natural colors in recent years, occasionally sporting facial hair, as well.

Busta Rhymes

Rapper, singer, record producer, actor, and businessman, Busta Rhymes has found success in every facet of the entertainment industry, with ten studio albums, dating back to 1996.

He most often wears his hair in braids, often pulling them into a high ponytail for a bold and iconic look that’s just as successful as his career. Nowadays, Busta wears a buzz cut fade for a simple, short style.

P Diddy 

P Diddy is a three-time Grammy Award-winning artist who has helped bring many other greats to the mainstage. In addition to music, he’s an actor, businessman, and producer. Forbes put his estimated net worth at around $740 million.

Most recently, P Diddy unveiled a new salt and pepper look to the excitement of his fans, but he’s known for the classic style of a short mohawk and 360 waves. He’s also rocked a buzz cut fade over the years.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has experience in many genres of music, starting with church choir and going on to become the first solo male artist to chart debut a top single in almost ten years. With over 140 million album sales around the world, he’s currently one of the best-selling artists.

Chris Brown has worn his hair in many unique ways, including a buzz cut, different braid styles, and even short curls.


Tupac is one of history’s most famous rappers and songwriters, known for using his art to discuss social justice issues when no one else on the scene was. He was named one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine. In addition to his societal contributions, Tupac also contributed to men’s fashion and style in the ‘90s, according to Top Trends Guide.

His 1992 film Juice inspired the juice hairstyle, a blend between a box and a high top fade but with a noticeable hard part as an asymmetric divide. Decades later, the look is still just as iconic as when he wore it in the film.

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert brings his own style to everything he produces, from genre-blending music to gender-bucking fashion with bold accessories. He was nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards in 2018 and has won an MTV Music Video Award.

Along with his fashion, he’s been known to try out unique and different hairstyles, including dreadlocks in different colors and a recently unveiled short new style he created live on Instagram.

Machine Gun Kelly

If anyone is willing to embrace the individual and turn away from conventional looks, it’s white rapper Machine Gun Kelly. He has explored many genres, including hip hop, rap rock, and pop punk, and his look is all about doing what he wants and taking inspiration from different places.

He was known for a short top knot look that famously made its way into an Eminem diss track, but now he’s all about the longer messy blonde hair that evokes a punk underground music vibe.

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