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New York rapper Cardi B has a true supporter in her sister. The chart-topping entertainer’s sister Hennessy Carolina has come forward to celebrate her new “Up” single debuting on the Billboard Hot 100.

Hennessy Carolina Congratulates Cardi

Henny went to her Instagram page to show B some major love. Carolina acknowledged her sister’s non-stop work grind and shouted Cardi out for debuting at No. 2 on the chart.

“UP UP UP & UP & STUCK 🙌🏽👏🏽💪🏽 Congratulations to My sister @iamcardib and her solo single debuting at #2 ! GOD is good! You work so hardddd! I’m so happy for you! 💙🔥🔥🔥🔥”

Hennessy Carolina congratulates Cardi’s ‘Up’ success.

B also went to her Instagram page to geek out over the success. Cardi acknowledged her record outperformed her previous solo single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Wow .Extremely happy and blessed .Thank you everyone who supported my record .I wanted to beat my last SOLO SINGLE highest billboard number which was Money that went number 13 .This is beyond to debut at number 2.I’m thankful and grateful cause every time I announce a release even when it’s been years of me constantly doing good people down play me then BOOM .Pop girl numbers but I ain’t pop.Sooooooooo grateful and thankful . UP & ITS STUCK .”

“🙏🏽🙏🏽💪🏽💪🏽💯💯🔥🔥🔥” -Hennessy Carolina

Cardi B reacts to ‘Up’ Hot 100 debut.

Cardi B Clears Up The Air

Recently, Cardi went to Twitter with some help from fans following “Up” lyrics-stealing accusations. She responded to a video of her previewing music on August 7, 2020 – well before fellow rap artist Fontane had even dropped the track with “Up” lyrics in question. However, Fontane also shot back and said the night before that, they also previewed the song “STUCK.”

“Naaa im the type of person that avoids problems & court days .If i get inspired by a song I wouldn’t mind giving a percentage or couple of thousand but I never Hurd if this man .I’m glad while I was recording this song in August I was playing wit the hook on this live”


Cardi B’s Single ‘Up’ Sounds A Lot Like…

The hip-hop superstar dropped her new single “Up” earlier in the month, and in just a few hours the video had over six million views on her YouTube channel. However, accusations surfaced suggesting the platinum-selling artist stole parts of her song from another rapper. The New Jersey rapper has a song called “STUCK” that basically has the same hook and similar sound to Cardi B’s new single “Up.” The Mir Pesos song came out last September and he believes the Grammy winner copied him.

“Mannn somebody tagg they them ppl tell to get with my ppl 😩 they stealing @akademiks @saycheesetv @newjersey1hiphop @qcmceo_p @iamcardib @southjersey__news

Did Cardi B Steal Elements Of Her Song?

It’s tough to prove blatant artistic theft in the music industry. A lot of people are involved in creating a mainstream hit song; it’s possible that before today, Cardi herself had never heard of Mir Pesos, an independent MC with a small following compared to Cardi B’s millions of fans. For her part, Cardi B seems more worried about “Up” having some issues with iTunes and hasn’t addressed any claims of stealing.

I’m sorry if you having problems finding the song iTunes …I have direct link to it on my story

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