Kehlani on Motherhood: ‘Being a Mom Is the Sexiest Thing Ever’

During a recent interview with Playboy, Kehlani explained how becoming a mother helped her get more in touch with her emotional and physical self. 

“I hope people know being a mom doesn’t make you less sexy. Being a mom is the sexiest thing ever. I think something happened to me when I became a mom; I just became sexier,” Kehlani said before explaining how becoming a mother helped her grow into her sexiness. 

“I was this quirky little person before — not super in touch with myself, a super tomboy,” she continued. “Then I became a mom, and all of a sudden I got these mom hips. I got this mom sensuality and grown-woman attitude and in-touch-ness with my body that I never had before. You really f*cking get to know your body when you birth. When you get pregnant, you become a f*cking universe and a portal. So I think motherhood has made me this insane sex symbol even to myself.”

Kehlani previously touched on the same subject back in 2019.

Kehlani gave birth to her daughter, Adeya, in March 2019. While announcing Adeya’s arrival, the then-23-year-old revealed that she delivered her child through an “unmedicated homebirth” that showed her how “powerful” her body was. 

The mother and entertainer graced Playboy’s second-ever digital cover. Along with touching on motherhood, the singer also used her feature to give fans a feel of moments when she fells the sexist. 

“I feel the sexiest when I’m really bare — when I’m taking extra time to oil up after my bath and put essential oils into my shea butter. For me, sexy is very internal,” she said. “t’s in the comfort and the feeling — not when do I look most sexy, but when do I feel scrumptious? When do I feel like, ‘Oh, somebody could just come lick me from my head to my toe right now. That’s how f*cking good I smell and that’s how moisturized I am.’ That’s when I feel sexy.”

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