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Hollywood entertainer Lori Harvey knows how to rack up likes. The hip-hop model’s new modeling goals have sparked big co-signs from boyfriend Michael B. Jordan and City Girls’ JT.

Lori Harvey’s Modeling Goals

The popular vixen went to her Instagram page with a couple shots of herself donning heels and a pair of fresh shades. The shots sparked salutes from Jordan and JT.

“00’ John Galliano for Dior 💅🏾”

“😍” -Michael B. Jordan

“❤️❤️❤️” -JT

Lori Harvey’s modeling goals.

Lori Harvey Covered In Kisses

In January 2021, Harvey hit up her Instagram page to share a super intimate moment between herself and her Hollywood actor boo. The clip featured her boo’d up alongside Jordan as he whispers sweet words into her ear.

Cuffing season is in full effect. Overnight couple Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey are going extra hard with one another. Lori goes to her Instagram Story with footage of herself boo’d up alongside MBJ. Jordan doesn’t miss his opportunity to cover Lori’s cheek with soft kisses.

Lori Harvey covered in kisses by Michael B. Jordan.

Lori Harvey + MBJ Post Up In Paradise

Harvey and her overnight movie star boyfriend Michael B. Jordan have been enjoying life on a luxury vacation. The couple have been spotted this week posted up in St. Barts, riding jet skis, having a drink and showing each other some affection.

#TSRExclusivePhotos: #Roommates, #MichaelBJordan and #LoriHarvey were living it UP for her birthday! ‘Turtle’ and ‘Nugget’ were pictured on a mega yacht looking like two models that have never eaten a carb a day in their life! 😩

Harvey + Jordan Waited To Reveal Relationship

Lori Harvey and her new boo have been taking things very slow. New reports have revealed her and Michael B. Jordan became close before going public with their relationship. They were reportedly cautious about being spotted together, presumably to avoid the media attention in the case that things didn’t work out.

“It seems they have wanted to get to know each other in private,” a source tells PEOPLE of the couple in this week’s issue. “They have been careful about being photographed together.” (PEOPLE)

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