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North Carolina rapper DaBaby does much more than get fuel when he hits the local gas station. The hip-hop superstar has blessed fans with a new, unexpected Beatbox “Freestyle” music video premiere.

DaBaby Hits Gas Station For Beatbox ‘Freestyle’ Video

DB went to his social media pages to unload the must-see visual. The clip features Baby rapping both from a fancy home and an actual gas station as he bodies the song’s instrumental.

DaBaby is at it again. The hip-hop superstar takes what started off as a sneak peek at his “Beatbox” remix verse to a full-blown music video. The clip features DB channeling his early rap career moniker ‘Baby Jesus’ as he delivers a hard-hitting flow, lyrics and unforgettable antics at a gas station, fancy kitchen and bathroom counter.

DaBaby hits gas station for new ‘Beatbox’ remix video.

Lil Baby’s Ready For DaBaby’s Baby Jesus Return

Earlier in this week, Atlanta rapper Lil Baby snuck into Baby’s Instagram page to show him big love. Baby reacted to DB sharing new audio bars and a reference to his pre-DaBaby rap alias.

“Baby Jesus flow all 2021.💥💥💥” -DaBaby

“I’m saying that’s how you feel this morning ?? Who pissed you off” -Lil Baby

“🔥🔥🔥” -Gillie Da Kid

“Readyyyyyy” -Stunna 4 Vegas

Lil Baby’s ready for DaBaby’s old moniker return.
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DaniLeigh Announces Breakup

Recently, Baby’s former girlfriend DaniLeigh went to her Instagram page to announce unexpected split news to shocked fans. Without providing any context, Leigh informed the entire world she was no longer romantically linked to anyone.

“Officially single.”

Coincidentally, the announcement came after DaBaby went to his Instagram page to share a steamy clip of vixen India Love slaying his overnight “Masterpiece Challenge.” Baby made things more cringe by offering to go out on a date by the best reenactment.

“This Tik Tok is a #Masterpiece 🔥 @indialove 🐐 Morning, Best re-enactment of this Tik Tok gets flown out for a date w/ Baby on Valentine’s Day.❤️😂 #MASTERPIECECHALLENGE Choosing the winner Friday, February 12th. Starting now.. GO❗️”

DaniLeigh Loved DaBaby

In December 2020, DaniLeigh responded to an Instagram question about who she loved. She let it be known she loved the Charlotte rapper and posted a picture of him making her feelings clear at the time about their relationship together.

“#DaniLeigh luhh that man 😩 #ThatAintDaBabyThatsDANIBaby”

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