Trippie Redd Shares ‘Neon Shark vs Pegasus’ Project

Trippie Redd has teamed up with Travis Barker to deliver Neon Shark vs. Pegasus, a deluxe version of Trippie’s third studio album Pegasus with new guest appearances from Machine Gun Kelly, Zillakami, and more. Travis Barker executive produced the album.

Tagged with 14 new tracks, Neon Shark vs. Pegasus is Trippie Redd in all of his sonically-alternative glory. Always deviating from the norm, Neon Shark vs. Pegasus builds on what Pegasus already accomplished and reflects Trippie Redd’s growth as he enters a new chapter of his career. Travis Barker stepping in also elevates this project to another level as well.

When talking with Shirley Ju on her show Shirley’s Temple, Trippie explained the inspiration behind the deluxe’s title and why he wanted to incorporate animals into it in the first place. 

“Basically, one of my favorite bands is Deftones, and they made an album called Pony, so I like the fact that they used just, you know, some type of animal to symbolize what they felt on the album,” he said. “So, I made a rock album called Neon Shark. It was supposed to be its own album, but I was like, ‘fuck it, I’mma make it the deluxe for Pegasus.’” 

“What “Neon Shark vs. Pegasus” means is literally what it says, like, ‘is Neon Shark better than Pegasus, or is Pegasus better than Neon Shark, what y’all fucking with more?’ and that’s what we’re gonna see,” he continued.

Watch the rest of Trippie Redd’s interview above, and listen to Neon Shark vs. Pegasus featuring Machine Gun Kelly, Zillakami, and more down below via Spotify.


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