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Sometimes, the best publicity falls into your lap for free. When TikTok user Tessica Brown recently put Gorilla Glue in her hair and became a viral sensation, it cast a spotlight on Gorilla Glue that generated an increase in sales for the company.

Gorilla Glue Is Making Money From Tessica Brown

The most unlikely celebrity of 2021 so far is Tessica Brown, the Louisiana woman who went on TikTok to share her struggle after applying the powerful adhesive Gorilla Glue to her hair. According to AdAge, the sudden fame of “Gorilla Glue Girl” has led to a spike in sales for the company.

“Gorilla Glue” searches on Google exploded 50-fold in February from January. More importantly, the brand’s Amazon search volume soared an even bigger 4,378%, and its best seller rank rose 129%, which translates into a significant spike in sales, according to Profitero.

Gorilla Glue Girl Has Successful Surgery

The woman who’s become Internet-famous for using Gorilla Glue in her hair can finally breathe a sigh of relief. A Hollywood plastic surgeon has officially operated on her scalp and gotten any remnants of the adhesive out of her hair.

Tessica Brown Gets Gorilla Glue Out of Hair (TMZ)

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Hennessy Carolina Is Praying For Gorilla Glue Girl

Brown had some hip-hop celebrities weighing in on her situation, from Missy Elliott to Chance The Rapper. Heartfelt well-wishes also came from model Hennessy Carolina, younger sister of rap superstar Cardi B.

“I feel so bad for the girl with the gorila glue on her hair. I feel so bad it’s really hard for her to remove it 🙁 really wishing her all well and hope she gets it off safely”

Who Is Gorilla Glue Girl?

The woman in question is Tessica Brown. She went on TikTok earlier this month to ask for help with her hair mishap, and ended up going viral for the wrong reasons.

Update: The woman that went viral for using #gorillaglue on her hair is now in the hospital being treated. #First #BOHH #BlackOwnedHipHop

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