Mulatto, Lil Durk, + Future Join “Go Crazy” Remix –

Hip-hop and R&B fans can rejoice a little today. Chicago rapper Lil Durk, Mulatto and Future are upping their feature game as well linking up for a remix of Young Thug and Chris Brown‘s “Go Crazy” anthem.

Lil Durk, Future + Mulatto Hop On “Go Crazy (Remix)”

The triad of artists hopped on Chris and Thug’s “Go Crazy” remix. The song was originally released on their 2020 collaboration album Slime & B, which had 13 tracks and a whole plethora of other dope features.

Lil Wayne Loves Lil Durk’s ‘Kanye Krazy’ Video

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is showing Lil Durk big love these days. The hip-hop superstar recently lit up social media with a major co-sign for his newly released “Kanye Krazy” music video. Weezy F. Baby went to Instagram with a rare salute to the Chicago rap artist. Wayne shared a snapshot of one scene showing Durk surrounded by vixen and called it nothing short than a masterpiece.

“Hardest shot ever!”

It didn’t take long before Durk and other hip-hop artists reacted to the big shout-out.

“Goat 🐐” -Lil Durk

“You live a life” -Fat Joe

Lil Wayne loves Lil Durk’s new video.
Cam'ron's mom throwback pic

Lil Durk’s ‘Kanye Krazy’ Music Video Is Must-See

A few weeks ago, Durk blew fans away with his “Kanye Krazy” music video premiere. The visual celebrates some of rap star Kanye West‘s most memorable – and cringe – career moments.

Rappers love to name-check famous figures, but Lil Durk really commits to the bit on his latest. The Chicago rapper doesn’t have much to say about Kanye West on “Kanye Krazy” — he saves all his references for the music video, a trip through West’s most iconic moments. Durk takes on music videos from the artful “Runaway” to the silly “I Love It” to the horny “Bound 2”; he also references moments like West’s wild interview with Sway Calloway (“You ain’t got the answers, Sway,” Durk raps) and his infamous crash of Taylor Swift’s speech at the 2009 VMAs.

Lil Durk Is Owning The Charts In 2021

Lil Durk has eight songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this year, more than anyone else in the game. In addition to tracks from his new album — which was released on Christmas Eve 2020 followed by today’s deluxe version — Durk gets an assist from hip-hop icon Drake, charting with a guest spot on Drizzy’s “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

[email protected] has the most total charting hits on the Hot 100 in 2021 so far (8 songs).

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