DaBaby May Have Dissed JoJo Siwa in “Beatbox Freestyle”

DaBaby has the lead for most inexplicable stray of the year. In a freestyle over SpotemGottem’s “Beatbox,” the Charlotte rapper took a second to rap “JoJo Siwa, bitch” while holding up a photo of the 17-year-old YouTuber on his phone. 

The former Dance Moms star was one of three celebrities shouted out on the track, though the other two references were more straightforward. He mentioned T.I. to make a joke about the rapper’s penchant for using 10 dollar words. He also brought up Stevie Wonder to make a blind joke. The immediate context of the Siwa line was just the word “bitch,” so it’s easy to see why fans were confused. 

The truth of the seemingly apropos of nothing line is that it’s a bit of a homophone. In the line before DaBaby says “gon’ see why” and then rhymes that with JoJo Siwa. Still, Twitter isn’t one to let an explanation get in the way of a good joke. They went in on the omnipresent rapper for an apparent diss of a child more than a decade his junior.   

The reaction was strong enough that DaBaby himself chimed in, drawing a direct line for people who couldn’t see his thought process. He made multiple “Siwa”/see why jokes in response to the psuedo-controversy. 

Check out more reactions below.

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