CJ Responds to Industry Plant Claims: ‘I Don’t Pay That No Mind’

CJ skyrocketed to fame with last year’s viral hit “Whoopty,” a song that has had its fair share of detractors despite its popularity. Journalists and fellow rappers alike have questioned the Staten Island native’s authenticity. But according to CJ himself, he’s not letting the added scrutiny get to him.

During a recent interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden, CJ brushed off the notion that he’s an “industry guy,” an idea that has been percolating online.

“There’s no response. I don’t pay that no mind,” he said at the interview’s 3:40 minute mark.

After CJ gained notoriety, several rappers, including Brooklyn Drill star 22Gz, sounded off on CJ. He even dropped a diss song and compared him to 6ix9ine.

The comparison only strengthened when rumors surfaced that CJ isn’t gang-affiliated as his visuals and the phrase “Whoopty” might lead some to believe

Despite the negative energy, CJ says he’s focused on getting better at his craft.

“Everybody got an opinion, you can’t satisfy everybody,” he added. “I’m gonna keep doing what I do, and elevating, and perfecting my craft. I don’t really pay no mind to what the internet’s saying. I’m good on this side.”

Watch CJ’s full interview with Ebro Darden above.

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