JT Flirts with Lil Uzi Vert on Twitter After Showing Off Ring

The City Girls’ JT and Lil Uzi Vert continue to fuel the mystery that is their relationship. 

In a now-deleted Twitter exchange, JT and Lil Uzi alluded to having a loving and understanding connection.

“Turnt a hoe to a house wife,” Uzi said in his post. JT responded with a mirroring tweet that read: “Turnt a trick to my husband.”

Like most things on the internet, fans took these posts negatively. This moved JT to defend Uzi and their rumored relationship.

“Y’all use to be in the comments calling him adorable y’all just don’t like me or feel he suppose to be with a weirdo or white girl but nah he with me,” she said to trolls. “A ghetto b*tch getting that rock Star check f*ck what y’all gotta say! Honestly.”

Along with flirting on the timeline, JT continued to flaunt her relationship with Uzi by posting pictures of her wearing a ring similar to the pink diamond he has on his forehead. In fact, the ring is actually Lil Uzi’s, which he presumably gave JT to wear as a symbol of their love.

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