Houston Rapper and Activist Obe Noir Identified as Fatal Shooting Victim

Houston, Texas rapper and activist Obe Noir, real name Xavier Roberson, was killed in a shooting on Monday at age 31, according to police.

ABC 13 reports that witnesses say they saw Roberson running down a street near Midtown in Houston after hearing gunfire in the early hours of the morning on Monday. The Houston Police Department say that witnesses saw a car circle around Roberson shortly after, and then two suspects got out of the car and shot him. The two, who have been identified as Black males, fled the scene in their car immediately after.

Cal Wayne, a friend of the victim, said that Roberson had grew up in the same projects as George Floyd and was friends with him. “Shit soooo fucked up out here but this is what we live in this our reality. This the shit that we (Minorites) have to worry about when we step outside our house just for being Black either dead or in jail racist ass mfuckers,” said Roberson when Floyd died. “Crazy you use to look out for me like we shared the same blood when I was young.”

Roberson was known for his community work, which he would often do alongside Wayne and fellow Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth. In a post on instagram, Trae morned the death of Roberson. “U aint deserve the way they done you,” he wrote. “Rest easy King.” Wayne said that Roberson was “an excellent story teller” who will be greatly missed.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise funeral costs and to help his family, including his young daughter Dakota. An investigation into the shooting is ongoing, and anyone with information has been urged to contact the Houston police Department.

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