City Girls’ Yung Miami Gives Herself Props For Rap Skills –

Hip-hop star Yung Miami of the group City Girls doesn’t get enough credit for her mic ability. The “Twerk” hitmaker hasn’t been in the rap game long, but she’s putting some respect on her own name for her skills.

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Yung Miami Overcame Nerves To Become A Star

The City Girls have dropped two albums and had some popular hits since their major-label debut in 2018, a short but successful period of growth for Yung Miami and group member JT. Miami went on Twitter to reflect on how far she’s come and how good she’s gotten at her craft.

“For me to only be rapping for 3 yrs with no experience I feel like I do good af idgaf who think differently”

“I use to be so shy and nervous I couldn’t record in front of nobody and I never wanted nobody to hear but now I’m more confident ion care who in the room I be like turn it up!!! Tf”

“We all gotta start from somewhere just give me room to grow”

City Girls’ JT Is Hyped For Cardi B’s New Doll

New York rapper Cardi B is proving it is way deeper than rap by now getting into the toy business. Fellow hip-hop star and Florida native JT went online with a huge co-sign for the Bardi Gang leader’s brand new doll.

“Cardi you don’t stop….true inspo 👏❤️🔥”

City Girls’ JT is ready!

Announcing New Doll Drop

Cardi B is leveling up for kids and adults around the world. The hip-hop superstar has announced her new doll officially drops today. She went to her social media pages to break the huge news. While the doll drops today, B revealed it won’t officially reach the masses until this July.

“BARDI GANG!! I’m dropping my own doll TODAY! Inspired by me. Created by me. Designed by me. Thank you @officialrealwomenare. This means sooo much. ❗❗ Visit the website now to reserve your doll. You only have 72 hours – so go! Don’t miss out! LINK IN #CardiB #RealWomenAre #DollsforAll #WomensHistoryMonth #InternationalWomensDay”

Cardi B + Mariah Carey Talk Celebrity Life

In February 2021, Cardi B opened up to R&B icon Mariah Carey about everything from childhood insecurities, body enhancement surgeries, her background as a stripper to the pressure to drop her upcoming album. The multi-talented performer also talked about her hesitation to get close to other celebrities. Perhaps a conversation with City Girls’ JT is on the way soon!

“I don’t want to get close to a celebrity and feel like we have a connection, and then out of nowhere they do some funny sh*t and disappoint me. I’ve always had the same friends. I’m very loyal. If I’m your friend, I’m going to always ride hard for you. But if you don’t ride hard for me or you do some funny sh*t, I’m going to feel a certain type of way. My husband always tries to tell me, ‘You can’t think like that because you’ve got to network and this is not real life. You got to understand that.’”

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