Soulja Boy on Drake Thanking Bow Wow: ‘Dude Stole My Whole Bar’

Soulja Boy isn’t touched by Drake praising Bow Wow.

Soulja alluded via Twitter on Wednesday that Drake should actually by thanking him for his history-making success and not Bow Weezy. 

“That nigga drake is hilarious,” Soulja wrote. “Dude stole my whole bar then thanked bow wow.”

When Soulja Boy made his resurgence as Big Drako in 2019, he created a viral meme during a Breakfast Club interview when he called attention to Drake using his bars from “Whats Hannenin’” on Drizzy’s hit song with Lil Wayne, “Miss Me.”

In Drake’s defense, he often barrows/flips bars from artists he admires to make creative callbacks or metaphors—similar to Jay-Z. Yet, to Soulja Boy, Drake using his line means he helped create his career. This and Soulja Boy’s interview allowed the humorous narrative of Big Drako birthing Drake to grow legs.

Also, Drake electing to pay homage to Bow Wow instead of him might have ruffled Big Drako’s feathers due to his past issues with Bow Weezy. In 2009, Soulja and Bow Wow had a slight disagreement over Lamborghinis. This led Bow Wow to unintentionally create one of the greatest (and funniest) response videos of all time.

Since then, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow have publicly squashed their beef. But their cult-classic record, “Marco Polo,” never made it on an official album and the two often trade shots whenever given the opportunity. 

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