Rackboy Cam Wins Case Over YFN Lucci and PnB Rock’s “Everyday We Lit”

After filing a lawsuit against YFN Lucci, PnB Rock, and producer June James in 2018, New Jersey rapper Rackboy Cam has been awarded $1.7 million in a judgment, according to court docs obtained by Complex.

In a 2018 lawsuit, Rackboy argued that the song “Everyday We Lit,” on which the three aforementioned artists were featured, is deeply similar to his effort “Everything Be Lit.” Earlier this month, Rackboy’s lawyer, Christopher W. Niro, secured a “significant” copyright infringement victory that netted his client over $1.7 million. Since an agreement was previously reached with YFN Lucci and Think It’s a Game Records, the judgment was made against PnB Rock and the song’s producer, June James.

“The case was remanded to the district court where on March 3, 2021 Anthony Campbell [Rackboy Cam] was granted a judgment of over $1.4 million, close to $268,000 in prejudgment interest, a running royalty, plus costs and an injunction against James and Allen’s exploitation of the infringing work,” reads a statement from Aronberg Goldgehn. “We are thrilled with the entry of judgement by the court and believe Anthony Campbell’s rights have been vindicated.”

“This has been a very lengthy and tedious process,” Rackboy Cam told Complex. “I’m grateful for the outcome, and I’m thankful it’s all behind me. I’m excited to get back into the studio and continue creating music for my fans. I wish the best for all parties on current and future endeavors.”

Niro also shared a statement with Complex. “We are pleased with the judges ultimate ruling and plan to hold June James and PnB Rock wholly accountable for their joint infringement of Rackboy Cam’s copyright,” he said. 

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