Cardi B Says Women Are Too Hard On Female Rappers –

New York rapper Cardi B wants and is low-key demanding more respect placed on women rap artists’ names. The “Up” hitmaker has lit up social media with a public message about the treatment of lady rappers.

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Cardi B Says Women Go Too Hard On Female Rappers

The Bardi Gang leader hit up her reliable Twitter page to let loose. Without singling out anyone specific, B lumped all people together – especially women – on not gracefully embracing female rap artists.

“People be so hard on female rappers .”

She also responded to a fan’s tweet about people hating to see women do what men thought only they could do.

“Naaaaa ……man be hating but it really be women in these comments & on YouTube talkin the most sh*t putting women down but fake preach unity and women progression.”

Cardi B says women are too hard on female rappers.

Cardi B Wants To Be A Billionaire

When recently asked about what she had planned next career-wise, Cardi admitted she saw billion-dollar deals in her future and she knew just how to get them. The Bronx-native revealed she looked up to some of the richest hip-hop stars out there, singer Rihanna and JAY-Z and would focus on getting to their level by making the right business deals.

“But now that I’m at the level that I’m at, one of my biggest influence is Rihanna and Jay-Z. And I’m not just saying it to kiss a– or anything. I just feel like they’re so influential because Rihanna comes from a country, a Caribbean country, that my parents came from and she’s a whole billionaire – but for her to make her business so big and be a billionaire, that’s what I strive to be. That’s what I want. I want to be a billion-dollar woman. I want to build a huge brand.” (Stationhead)

Cardi B Shares Her Wealth W/ Kodak Black

Cardi B is the first female rapper in history to have a Diamond-certified single, “Bodak Yellow” thanks to Florida rapper Kodak Black‘s contribution. When news of the certification recently came out, fans of Black voiced concerns he wasn’t receiving royalties or other rewards for his participation. Cardi refuted the accusations by letting Twitter followers know he was a credited songwriter on the track.

“He got credit on the song WE both getting rich with the song til we die .. The song is called Bodak Yellow for a reason . You h*es get on this app saying the dumbest sh*t .”

JAY-Z Explains The Major Moves It Took To Succeed

JAY-Z is now worth over $1.4 billion. In just several weeks, his net worth has risen over 40% following the sale of TIDAL to Square on March 4th, 2021, and his absurd $300 million champagne deal. The Blueprint boss also says he can’t just do music and needs to keep business moves going if he wants to keep raking in the dough and it’s paying off, so perhaps his advice is worth heeding. Hov also highlighted the importance of keeping the right crew around.

“I look at the make-up of individuals or a group and say, ‘Hey, wow, that’d be a cool group to hang out with” … It’s a certain decorum that they have, a certain way that they carry themselves and their business, [with] high integrity and passion for what they do. I just want to be surrounded by great people.” (JAY-Z to SCMP)

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