Lil Durk Teases Another Snippet Of Lil Baby Collab Song –

Chicago rap star Lil Durk has something special for fans. The hip-hop star went to social media to tease a dope new upcoming collaboration.

Lil Durk Teases Another Snippet Of Lil Baby Collab Song


Lil Durk Teases Another Lil Baby Snippet

Lil Durk took to his Instagram Story to reveal a track with Atlanta native Lil Baby. He didn’t offer any more specifics or further details about the song, but it has fans hyped and on their toes looking for the release. Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill gave a preview of the song in late January 2021.

lildurk previews new song he got wit #lilbaby. Sounding 🔥🔥 or 💩💩

Lil Durk teases another snippet of Lil Baby collab song.

Lil Durk Reacts To Mass Shooting

The Chi-town native recently joined the ever-growing list of rappers that have been almost shot. The Grammy-nominated artist performed at a nightclub afterparty in Dallas, Texas last week when a mass shooting took place outside the establishment.

By the time authorities arrived on-scene, seven people were reportedly shot, along with a woman who sustained fatal injuries. Police believe that an argument between two suspects outside the club led to the shooting and are currently searching for them. Durk responded to the event by claiming it wasn’t related to the afterparty and criticized the way the media covered the event to portray him and other black men as violent.

“Blogs make n*ggas look like killers out here and be real b*tches don’t believe no stories bout me cause n*ggas know better in person y’all got the net.”

Lil Durk reacts to mass shooting outside club.

Lil Durk’s Run-In W/ Cops

Back in January 2021, Durkio hit up his Instagram Story with footage from a run-in with cops. Despite the nerve-racking situation – apparently getting pulled over for speeding – Durk joked about trying to get the cops to download his previously released The Voice deluxe album.

Lil Durk has a scary run-in with police. Instead of staying silent, Durk puts on his Instagram Live to capture the entire incident and toward the end acknowledges his friend’s speeding ultimately put them in the tough situation.

He Won’t Go To Jail

Recently, Durk took to Twitter to let fans know he was trying to avoid jail at all costs. LD dropped a message that he wouldn’t be caught doing anything tough online just to look hard.

“The goal is not to go to jail so y’all will never see me do tuff sh*t on here to look street ….. I am the streets”

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