Joseline Hernandez Exposes Mona Scott Cast Sex Rumors –

Former “Love & Hip Hop” star Joseline Hernandez isn’t rocking with the show’s creator and executive producer Mona Scott-Young. The hip-hop entertainer has publicly bashed the high-profile entrepreneur with some hard-hitting sexual accusations.

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Joseline Hernandez Exposes Mona Scott

Tensions initially sparked after a social media post went viral showing “Love & Hip Hop” cast member Milan Christopher publicly blasting away at Scott-Young. Christopher called out Mona for giving the green light for on-screen violence.

“Some former Love and Hip Hop cast members had a few comments…”

However, the post’s comments section ignited a flurry of past and present cast members weighing in. The most shocking came from Joseline who went all out in spilling more than just tea on Mona.

“Honestly I just hate this b*tch. No good p*ssy sucking trick. She f*cked so many cast members. I wonder why no no expose her. Smh”

More jaw-dropping comments came from Miami Tip and Tresure Price.

“Mona got a job to do man 😂 and they set me up the worst of anybody …. after every fight they will say your check coming 😂😂” -Tresure Price

“and i know a couple cast members who have gotten their checks withheld due to fighting … i’m speaking on my experience with the franchise and giving MY opinion! … but production nor mona tells us to fight 😂😂 muh fuckers just be mad as f*ck or they want clout and they do it on their own …. i hate when cast members blame production for their actions!!”

Miami Tip even shared some behind the scenes details about how safe the fight scenes actually are.

“lhh scenes are filled with security that real shit can’t be done anyways!!! that’s why it’s so much drink throwing cuz that’s really all a bitch can get away with doing….. there are other shows with way less security and definitely waaaayyy more aggressive fighting than lhh!”

Mona Scott-Young Compares Shows

Earlier in the week, Mona Scott-Young sparked headlines after comparing the scrutiny she receives in comparison to shows like “Real Housewives” from executive men including Andy Cohen and Carlos King.

“You look at Andy Cohen, you look at Carlos King — Carlos actually worked on the Love and Hip Hop franchise. But they’ve never been pinpointed in the same way. But I think it’s a little bit of the cross that we bear as women in any business we’re in. We’re held to a different standard. We’re scrutinized very differently. I don’t think anyone stops to think about how difficult it is to be competitive in this space. I’m one of the few Black women who own a physical production company. That in itself is an accomplishment I don’t think many people stop to credit and understand that it isn’t easy.” (Madame Noire)

Mona took things a step further by throwing a shot at people coming at her without even knowing what she does behind the scenes.

“And the whole idea that there’s something wrong with what we do by showcasing the lives of the women in this culture for me is something I’ll defend every single day because I feel like we should have the opportunity to tell all the stories, right? And hip-hop and the story of women in hip-hop is one set of stories of Black women and that story has as much of a reason to be told as any of the other stories that should, and will, and are being told. But yes, I definitely think there’s a different standard. It’s hard sometimes to listen to the things that people who don’t know me are saying, but for the most part, I have to be clear about what my intentions are. I have to be clear about who I am and not allow those things to distract me.” (Madame Noire)

Joseline Hernandez’s Reality TV Run

For nearly a decade, Joseline has remained in people’s faces through reality TV. She’s had her own series along with appearing in the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise.

Hernandez joined the LHH family in 2012 when the show transitioned from its mainstream in New York to the city of Atlanta. Her wild and unfiltered personality immediately caught the public’s eye, along with her Puerto Rican roots. However, it is the drama that left fans wanting more. Since her Love and Hip Hop debut, Hernandez has appeared in multiple notable talk shows such as The Real and The Wendy Williams Show. She even starred in a reality show herself along with her ex-partner Stevie J, Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood. Unfortunately, her reality series only aired for one season. (The Blake Beat)

On To Bigger Things

In 2017, Hernandez made headlines after deciding to part ways with the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” series.

In this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight, Joseline says she’s over this whole #LHHATL ish because producers wanted her to sit with cast members she’s not cool with. She has no problem speaking with Dime but Joseline isn’t here for anyone else and she expresses that to Steebie. After getting threats from lawyers, Joseline tells the camera man to suck her d—k ’cause she’s a bigger star than Love & Hip Hop made her. In a final “it’s going to take God to slow me down” exit, the cast rolls their eyes at this diva-like behavior and Stevie reveals that he doesn’t condone it. (VH1)

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