Cam’ron on Why He Has Over 200K Accounts Blocked on Social Media

Cam’ron has one of the more entertaining accounts on Instagram, but he’s not interested in letting social media define him, or allowing trolls to impact his day.

Cam’ron revealed on Instagram Stories that he has nearly 200,000 accounts blocked on IG, where he’s got 2 million followers. He explained that he’s quick to put people on the block list because he’s not going to give trolls the power to dictate his content.

“Don’t ever feel bad about blocking somebody. It’s your page. It’s your shit. Sometimes people are too opinionated on your shit,” Killa said.

He likened the concept to a guest being rude in your home. “Somebody come in your house and be like, ‘I don’t like your curtains.’ Okay. … ‘I don’t really like the furniture.’ Well get the fuck out,” Cam continued. “Why are you here? You don’t like a bunch of shit but you still here. It’s crazy.”

During his IG Stories monologue, the hip-hop legend and a pop culture icon detailed how being petty helped his block list get so long. 

“I let a wild comment stay there for a while,” he said. “Then I block everybody who liked the comment. … It’s your house.”

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