Keyshia Cole Shows Off Her Hickey + Reveals Her New BF –

R&B diva Keyshia Cole is showing off her new relationship. The “Love” crooner took to social media to share a little love mark left from a new, unnamed bae.

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Keyshia Cole Shows Off A Hickey

Cole went to her Instagram Story with a photo of a massive neck hickey and a caption asking for more. Followers and people across social media immediately gave the music star flak over it, saying she’s too old and grown to be posting something like that.

Next time make it darker bae

Issa vibe

Keyshia Cole shows off a love mark.

Shutting Down The Haters

The “Heaven Sent” singer then responded to all of the backlash on Twitter. She shut down the haters and asked if there was really an age too old for hickeys.

How can u be too old for a hickey ?? You b*tches crazy. And whoever said it. F*ck ya! #Respectfully

Keyshia Cole Announces Retirement From Music

The R&B star has called it quits. The veteran musician went to social media in March 2021 to announce her retirement from music and let it be known she isn’t playing around.

At age 39, after countless hits and a career spanning from 1998 until now, Keyshia Cole has decided to focus on her personal life and put R&B aside. She also added some humor into her situation with a separate tweet.

“I’m retiring..”

“I’m not lying..”

#stimnyHitsAccount RETIREMENT SOUNDS GOOD😂 this is funny! Hella! Just thought I’d join in on the fun. I’m serious about retirement… 🤞🏽 but this is funny 😂

Ashanti Addresses Dispute During Verzuz

The January 2021 Verzuz battle between R&B icons Ashanti and Keyshia Cole was an overall success, but some of the moments that left everyone talking weren’t about their classic songs. One was an argument over which singer was supposed to go in which order.

Ashanti appeared on New York radio station Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” show later that month to reflect on her Verzuz with Keyshia Cole and talked about the moment KC tried to play a song when it was actually her turn. Ashanti figured Keyshia Cole simply was confused.

“I don’t know if they lost count but what happened was obviously it’s the first 10 records. So when she played ‘Heaven Sent,’ I guess she thought she was ending that batch of 10 but she didn’t realize it was number 11. So for me, I gotta answer her so I’m gonna answer her with my number 11. And then we gonna start the next set and it’s gonna be nine. So I think she kinda forgot and she kinda lost count.”

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