The City Girl Explains Her Name Problem –

Whatever you do, please don’t say her name, say her name, say her name. Yung Miami of the City Girls is getting annoyed with some of her fans.


After rap superstar Lil Uzi Vert — who is dating J.T. of the City Girls — called Yung Miami by her real name during an Instagram Live chat, the B.E.T. Award winner says she’s been getting called out in public by people she doesn’t know.

Yung Miami explained that she doesn’t like being called “Caresha” by fans and followers who only know her as a celebrity, rather than by people she knows personally. She especially doesn’t like when it happens while she’s out with her kids.

That same Instagram chat with Lil Uzi Vert caused drama between him and hip-hop producer Southside — Yung Miami’s on-again, off-again boyfriend and the father of her daughter Summer.


While JT’s boyfriend claims he was only joking, Southside threatened Uzi for talking about Yung Miami, promising to knock his teeth out of his mouth.

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