Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber Will be on DJ Khaled’s Next Album

It seems like DJ Khaled’s next album Khaled Khaled is going to be rife with bangers.

The DJ and producer revealed on Instagram that he was in “album mode” on Friday when he didn’t pick up a FaceTime call from Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. Khaled posted a screenshot of Timberlake and Bieber, writing, “I’m so stressed out in a good way mixing and mastering this album I missed the legendary FaceTime of the ICONS @justinbieber and @justintimberlake.”

“My brothers I’m gonna call you back! I’m mixing BOTH of y’all’s VOCALS!” Khaled continued. “@justinbieber I just got done with the mix a few days ago get ready for mastering! And @justintimberlake I just sent the record we did together off to mix. My brothers I will call you RIGHT BACK! I’m in ALBUM MODE !!!! #99% DONE. KHALED KHALED THE ALBUM COMING.”

It also appears that Khaled’s album might include a feature from Buju Banton.

The image from Khaled follows a set of two other videos: one where he’s FaceTiming with Timberlake and they’re talking about the album, and the second, where Khaled is so ecstatic that Timberlake’s vocals were done, that the DJ jumped into his pool fully clothed while yelling, “The vocals is in!”

“This record touched me, man,” Timberlake said on the recorded call with Khaled. “This is an important song. This is like if ‘Song Cry’ would have never existed, but then ‘Holy Grail’ was ‘Song Cry.’”

Khaled’s 2020 songs “Popstar” and “Greece,” both with Drake, are the first lead singles from Khaled Khaled.

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