Big Sean Appears to Block Twitter User Who Criticized Old Lyrics

A Twitter user claims he was blocked by Big Sean following a series of tweets in which he tried to troll Sean with lyrics from the rapper’s catalog.

When prompted with the question, “Who’s the worst rapper you’ve heard n why is it Big Sean,” user @jaidvan replied with bars from Big Sean’s song, “I Do It.” 

As HipHopDx points out, Sean responded with a tweet that has since been deleted. “I’m surprised u even remember stuff I did over a decade ago, especially if u didn’t like it lol,” he wrote. “Love man, I out grew that line n a lot of my old stuff myself too, but I have also gone platinum like 50 times after that lol. I pray u live out ya dreams like I have fasho.”

But that didn’t stop @jaidvan from continuing to poke the bear.

Eventually, Sean had enough, and blocked him. 

The trolling from @jaidvan kept coming with him posting the invoice that Drake tweeted out during his feud with Pusha-T a few years back. 

Earlier this year, Big Sean revealed in his discussion with Michael Eric Dyson on the Facebook Watch series One Question One Mike that as he dealt with depression, he had a “Glock 17 in my hand” and contemplated committing suicide on several occasions. Sean explained that he needed to step away in order to get his mental health right.  

“I took the time off, canceled everything I was doing, sought therapy, connected with God more, spiritually grounded myself, and put myself first as a priority for the first time ever,” Sean said. He dropped Detroit 2 in 2020 after a three-year hiatus. 

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