Trey Songz Sued For Allegedly Punching Bartender at Hollywood Concert

A bartender has filed a lawsuit against Trey Songz for an alleged incident in 2019, which the man says ended in the singer punching him in the face.

TMZ reports that the man is suing Trey Songz for battery, and said the incident in question happened at the Hollywood Palladium on May 9, 2019, during a concert. It wasn’t a Trey Songz show, however, and instead, he was merely in attendance for a show there. The show was reportedly a Cardi B concert, which was hosted by Fashion Nova. The bartender is seeking unspecified damages, sitting physical and psychological injury. 

Legal documents filed by the man’s lawyer claim that Trey Songz had jumped on the bar to sit on it. When he was informed that it was against the policy of the venue, he allegedly ignored the warning. At this point, the bartender reached over to try and get his attention once more in order to tell him to move. He says the singer turned around and punched him in the head, looked at the other bartenders working the bar, and then continued to watch the show.

Earlier this year, he was arrested at a Chiefs playoff game. Ultimately, though, the Prosecutor’s Office for Jackson County said no charges would be filed against him. That incident reportedly involved an officer, who “approached” Trey Songz and “went after him” with little to no warning. He was being heckled because he allegedly refused to wear his mask in the stadium.

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